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NEEDED:  Artists looking to collaborate with Missoula’s Kindergartners on original Monster Art
Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC) and the Missoula County Public Schools Fine Arts Department team up to showcase the Seventh Annual Missoula Monster Project! Originally conceived by nine year-old Asa Smetanka, this show is a collaboration between children and adult artists working together to create “monster art” based on monsters dreamed up by the children. Kindergarten classes from Rattlesnake, Lewis and Clark, and Hawthorne schools have created original monster drawings for artists to reimagine.

This project’s purpose is to bring more art to Missoula youth! In an effort to foster that, 100% of the earnings from this show will go towards ZACC's youth education programs. We are asking that all artists who sign up donate 100% of the proceeds of their artwork.

If you want to make a monster, please submit before August 1st. This show tends to fill up fast, so maybe don't wait that long. Once you apply, ZACC staff will send you an e-mail with a j-peg of a participating child’s monster and their attributes for you to interpret. Artists use their own unique style and medium to recreate the child's piece. The results will be displayed in a October 1st art exhibition, featuring both the original child-drawn monsters and the artists’.


SIZE: Your piece can be 8" by 8" (or smaller). This INCLUDES the frame, hanging system and (if needed) shelf. NO EXCEPTIONS. Your piece will be disqualified or altered if it is too large. There will be over 400 monster interpretations in the show so this is super important.

READY TO HANG: Your piece must be ready to hang. Hanging system should be tested so monsters can live on a wall or shelf for many years to come. If your monster is 3D you must provide a shelf that can attach to the wall and bear the weight of your piece. 

MATERIALS: All material welcome except, hot glue, tape and perishable food items.

DEADLINE: Please drop your piece off to the ZACC between Sept. 1st and Sept. 15th.

COMMIT: Remember that the child who drew the monster you are making a rendition of is very excited to see your piece. By signing up you have committed to this project.

PLEASE BE PATIENT: It takes us several days to email out monsters to artists. We do this one at a time. But if you haven't received your monster yet in 3 weeks, check your spam first and then email us. Thank you!
Important Dates

Submission Deadline: Aug 1st

Drop Off Dates: September 1st through September 15th

MMP Opening: First Friday October 1st 5:00 - 8:00pm

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.