Laura Grace Barrett Residency Program

Laura Grace Barrett Printmaking residencies are available from 1 week - 3 months depending on the needs of the artist. The ZACC’s selection committee will choose new residents throughout the year depending on availability. The selections are based on the quality of the work, its artistic merit, and the diversity of the prospective group in terms of work, background, and stage of career development. 

Resident Benefits

Long and Short-term Residents work alongside our Community Artists and receive 24 -hour access to the ZACC Print Shop, semi-private studio space (approximately 125 sq. ft.), a locker, flat file space, plus advice & assistance from printshop manager and printmaking community.

Paid Opportunities

Resident artists are encouraged to teach classes as a way to share their knowledge and experiences, as well as to interact with our local Missoula community. 

More Opportunities

Residents are encouraged to put work up for sale in our sales gallery, and all long-term residents are invited to present a solo exit show near the end of their residency.


The ZACC expects that each resident will contribute approximately 5 hours a week in studio and gallery maintenance. This contribution may include such general studio tasks as cleaning and organizing the studio, gallery assistance , assisting with studio improvements, and performing other duties and special projects as needed. Residents are also asked to assist with the production of fundraising events and are often called upon to offer technical or creative advice to studio artists, interns, and students. 

Printmaking Disciplines Supported

screen printing, intaglio, relief, monotype, collagraph, mixed media, and letterpress and experimental practices. 

LGB Printshop Equipement   

Monarch Letterpress

4 color Odyssey 4400 screen printing press

5 portable screen printing presses

Vactor LED Vacuum Exposure Unit w/ digital timer

Eco Dunk Tank

Poly Backlit Washout Sink w/ backlight system

Laguna Etching Press Model 2648   26” x 48”  Bedplate

Conrad Press 16” x 32” Bedplate


water baths, tear bar, spatulas, large work tables, inking table, felts, squeegees, brayers, carving tools, rags, oil for cleanup, drying racks, clean towels, screen coater, screen cleaner.

Residents are responsible for all other materials needed to complete prints. 

ZACC Print Shop Contract – Intern 

Agreement Details: Term of Internship – 2 Month Minimum

The ZACC offers Interns free access during open hours in exchange for 8 hours of work a week in the ZACC Print Shop and/or Gallery.

Interns are required to assist with one or more of the following duties per week: 

Screen printing at First Friday events

Wednesday evening and/or Saturday office hour coverage 

Printmaking birthday parties

Print Shop upkeep and maintenance 

Summer camp help

After school art camps

Adult instruction assistance


Gallery prep & hanging

Gallery storage organization

Print Shop Access:

Interns agree to accessing the ZACC Public Print Shop, and associated wash-out room, during regular hours of operation, Monday through Friday 10 AM-6 PM, Wednesday 6-8 PM and Sunday from 12-4 PM.

*Supplies provided for your use (included w/ access): Paper baths, clean paper area, spatulas, inking table, felts, Squeegees, brayers, carving tools, rags, oil for cleanup, drying racks, ferric chloride bath, clean towels, emulsion screen coater, donated materials and screen cleaner.

Supplies you should bring (not included w/ access):

Photo emulsion, ink, substrates to carve (silk screens, wood blocks, linoleum, plastic, aluminum, or copper) and paper or other substrates to print on.

Care of the Space:

Interns agree to thoroughly clean up after themselves following each use of the Print Shop &/or the wash-out room. It is the expectation that the space be returned to its original state (before use) so other patrons may use the space without fear of damaging personal supplies or artworks. Print Shop users agree to treat the ZACC Print Shop with the same respect they would treat their own home or studio. They agree to follow signs posted throughout the print shop, and use the check-out list as a guideline while cleaning.

Care of the Equipment:

Print Shop Interns agree to follow all guidelines and safety instructions, provided both written and verbally, when working with ZACC Print Shop equipment. In the event that a Print Shop Intern discovers an issue with any piece of Print Shop equipment, they agree to immediately report the damage to ZACC staff (Print Shop Manager, Director of Operations, or Front Desk Associate). If the damage is not reported to staff, and damage is found after Print Shop use, Print Shop Interns understand and agree that their privileges will be revoked, and they may be held financially responsible for the damage.

Collection of Completed Work:

Print Shop Interns are required to collect any work left in the drying racks within 48 hours of their Print Shop session. Unless previous arrangements have been made, any items left behind for more than 48 hours after their Print Shop use will be subject to disposal at the discretion of the ZACC.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Policy

The ZACC Print Shop is alcohol, tobacco, and drug free, and absolutely no illegal substances or unpermitted alcohol are allowed anywhere on ZACC property. Cigarette smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas outside. Smokers must keep at least 10 feet away from entrances. All cigarette butts must disposed of in trash receptacles.

Reuse, recycle, reclaim, reduce, reimagine

Goal // To help bring awareness to material overuse, especially single use plastics.

Artists are invited to create 2D or 3D artworks primarily using non-compostable, clean, non hazardous items that would normally end up in the landfill negatively effecting our parks, lakes, rivers, etc.


ALL ENTRIES ACCEPTED (no admission fee)!

Artists may sign up as individuals or a group.

Artists are invited to submit 1 - 3 pieces.

Submissions can be any size.

Please add press quality image/s of your work through this site as soon as the work/s are completed. Pictures will be used for promotional materials and our online gallery. 

*Please let us know if you are having difficulties getting high quality images of your work, we’re here to help!

(any phone made after 2020 will take an adequate picture for press)

All work will sell at the ZACC gallery's standard rate of 60% to the artist and 40% to the ZACC gallery. 

Please be mindful of the waste created while making your piece.

Important dates to add to your calendar

Submissions Deadline // September 15, 2022

Artwork Due // October 15, 2022 // drop off work to ZACC during open hrs

Opening Reception // First Friday November 4, 2022

Exhibition Dates // November 4-27, 2022

Pick up unsold work November 28-December 1, 2022 // during ZACC open hrs

The Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC) has a consignment shop representing a uniquely curated sample of local and regional artists and crafters. We are always looking for artists to consign their work in our shop, which is located in the heart of Missoula at 216 W Main Street and receives thousands of visitors annually.

Artists who are interested in consigning their work should fill out the consignment application form and upload 3 to 5 photos representing the work.

Submitted work will be screened for quality, originality, and compatibility with the ZACC's space and other items in the shop.

We are looking for fun and interesting artistic creations of all kinds including but not limited to ceramics, jewelry, art, cards, T-shirts, bags, trinkets, etc.

The shop will operate on a standard consignment commission rate of 60/40. Artists will be paid 60% while the ZACC will retain 40%.

Accepted artists will need to sign and abide by the consignment contract.

Artists will be paid monthly for any items sold and will be responsible for bringing in new items and keeping the ZACC shop well stocked.



Artists looking to collaborate with Missoula’s Kindergartners on original Monster Art


Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC) and the Missoula County Public Schools Fine Arts Department team up to showcase the Eighth Annual Missoula Monster Project! Originally conceived by nine year-old Asa Smetanka, this show is a collaboration between children and adult artists working together to create “monster art” based on monsters dreamed up by the children.

This year, kindergarten classes from Chief Charlo, Franklin, and Lowell Elementary schools have created original monster drawings for adult artists to reimagine. We are now asking you, a participating artist, to use your own unique style and medium to create a new piece of art inspired by the child's original piece. The final results will be displayed in the ZACC Main Gallery, and will feature both the original child-drawn monsters and work by all the adult artists.

This project serves as a fundraiser; it’s purpose is to bring more art to Missoula youth! In an effort to foster that, 100% of the earnings from this show will go towards ZACC's youth education programs. We are asking that all artists who sign up donate 100% of the proceeds of their artwork.


Once you apply, ZACC staff will send you an email through Submittable, which will include:

The first name and associated school for the child artist;

An image of the child’s original monster art (sent as an attachment);

Monster attributes (if provided by the child artist).

PLEASE BE PATIENT! With so many monsters to assign, it takes us several days to email monster information out to artists - each monster is unique, so each email is sent individually. Please also note that because monsters are tricksters by nature, they like to hide themselves in spam folders; be sure to check your spam folder frequently in the few weeks following your sign up. Please also know that you can log into your Submittable account at any time, and review your submission. (Menu > Submissions > 2022 Missoula Monster Project > Activity &/or Messages). If you have not received your monster assignment via email and are not able to find it in Submittable after 2 weeks, please email both &


AGE: We ask that participating adult artists be 18 years or older.

QUALITY: As mentioned above, the Missoula Monster Project is a fundraiser. We encourage you to have fun while recreating your monsters, but we also ask that you please make a quality piece that can stand the test of time in its new owner’s home.

To this point, we ask that you:

• Please do not use any trash or anything perishable to build or decorate your monster. 

• Please also do not use scotch tape or hot glue; these materials are not secure and the monster will easily break.

• Frame any 2d paper monsters. Paper images with wire, or other hanging system, taped to the back of the piece will not be accepted as finished.

SIZE: Finished pieces may have a MAX dimension of 8”h x 8”w x 6”d.

When measuring your piece, please be sure to measure to the very outside edges of your entire piece - this includes the frame, hanging system, and (if needed) shelf. With hundreds of monsters being hung on limited wall space, it is extremely important to stay within the required dimensions.

*If an artist submits a monster that is larger than the provided dimensions, the ZACC reserves the right to make adjustments to the monster to ensure it meets the requirements, including but not limited to: trimming, reframing, cutting, adjusting, etc.

READY TO HANG: Your piece must be ready to hang. Hanging system should be tested so monsters can live on a wall or shelf in its new home for many years to come. If your monster is 3D* you must provide a shelf or build in a hanging system that can attach to the wall and bear the weight of your piece. E.g. textile/felted monsters may have a loop stitched to their head/back.

MEDIA: All 2d and 3d media are welcome! Examples of media used in the past include: pen & ink, ceramic, paint, textile, felting, metalwork, sculpture, encaustic, jewelry, and more.

That said, as mentioned above, we again ask that you please not use the following materials: anything perishable, scotch tape, hot glue, trash.

DEADLINE: Your piece needs to be delivered to the ZACC’s front desk between September 1 and September 15.

*If we have not heard from you and your monster is not received by September 15th, it will be considered abandoned and reassigned to another adult artist for completion.

COMMIT: Remember that the child who drew the monster you are making a rendition of is very excited to see your piece. By signing up you have committed to this project.


Submission Deadline: August 1, 2022

Drop Off Dates: September 1 through September 15, 2022

MMP Opening: First Friday October, 7, 2022 5-8 PM

Established in 2010, the ZACC houses three community art galleries. All three galleries provide space for artists to examine new visual narratives and engage deeply with visual arts while exploring the diversity and vitality of the arts in Western Montana and beyond. All media are welcome including: printmaking. installation, music, ceramics, dance, poetry, painting, media arts, sculpture, fiber arts, encaustics, and glass. Gallery exhibitions are accompanied with programming and a reception when applicable. 

What you need: gallery proposal, artist statement, artist bio and press-quality jpegs of your work.

ZACC Main, and Youth Galleries are available for monthly solo or group shows.

The Blackfoot Gallery is available for one or two month blocks. 

Community Engagement Opportunities: Gallery Walks, Gallery Talks, Artist Workshops and or Demonstrations are encouraged. 

Accept or Decline notifications will be sent within one month from submission date. If your proposal is accepted we will arrange a meeting and review a ZACC Gallery Contract and select all meaningful dates for your show.

Zootown Arts Community Center